ShenYang CLAT Technology Co., Ltd which is qualified by the related administrative apartments of Chinese government for customs declaration and foreign trade , is hi tech enterprise specialized in the metallurgical machinery such as Radial Forging Press and High Speed Open Die Press,And recently develops its new business scope in the heavy special transport eqipment. In order to adapt to the new credit management of the enterprises and the supervision system of the foreign trade enterprises ,CLAT is reestablished on the basis of the integration of several domestic and overseas companies . This enables the core managers and technicians , who are now recruited in CLAT from the former companies and experienced in many key projects of stated owned enterprises , listed companies in China and overseas , as well as multinational corporations , to devote more and more in serving the new and old clients in a much more simplified and direct way . Adhering to the enterprise's traditions of seeking truth, being pragmatic and honest and relying on the long term amassed professional acknowledges and experiences from constructing the key projects of both civil and military , CLAT is in the position to become a reliable and considerate partner of its clients for importing and transferring , installation and commissioning , transformation and up gradation of the equipment , even for spare parts purchasing . And owing to a worldwide network of offices and partners , CLAT is of confidence and doing its best to implement all of the customers' requirements and fully meet all the expectations , accompany its new and old clients on their trip to Career peak and further enjoy a prosperous prospect together .

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